Virtual Card
for everyday needs

Safe & Secure Online Payments

ePayService Virtual Payment Card is a digital substitute of familiar plastic card and ideal solution for online payments. The use of Virtual Cards for online payments will keep the details of your primary card safe.

Control your purchases

  • Use Reloadable Virtual Card
    • Daily purchase limit 5000 EUR
      Instant free-of-charge load
      Free unload back to ePayService account
      No monthly fee

Solution for your needs

ePayService Virtual card can be a right payment instrument when it comes to one-time payments. ePayService Virtual card will help you out where you need to regularly pay for subscriptions or services.
  • The process will take less than a minute
  • Main card details are
    safe & secure
  • USD and EUR currencies

A new virtual card in one minute

  • 1
    Login to your Online.ePayService account and go to card's order page
  • 2
    Choose the card of required value or replenish the card with required amount
  • 3
    Your virtual card is ready for use in less than a minute