Corporate Payroll Cards for Businesses and their Employees

Innovative Financial Service

Our Debit Card will provide you with unparalleled flexibility, unified visibility and centralized control over your income and finances to help you manage your salary. If you are employed at a remote location or if you require the flexibility to travel while you work, then our ePayService Debit Card is the card for all your everyday payments and income collection needs.
Is it magic? No!
We understand how to reduce the cost and time to receive your earned income.
  • None
    Commission fee to transfer between ePayService customers
  • None
    POS transaction fee
  • 1%, min €25.00
    Bank transfers from your employers and business partners
  • Up to $5,000 POS spend limit
    Up to $500 ATM spend limit
  • None!
    Card loading fees
  • Just €2.50
    ATM withdrawal fees (per transaction)

ePayService offers many ways to manage and spend your hard earned income

At ePayService we can easily manage your corporate payroll liquidity effectively and efficiently through a range of products and services. We can help businesses and their employees streamline their payroll processes, providing cost effective management of your employees’ income.

Make payments with ePayService Debit Card anywhere in the world;


Wherever you may be in the world, you can always feel safer using ePayService Debit Card than carrying cash.

Perfect for online & offline transactions

  • Zero fees for purchases in your card's currency
  • Available Currencies — EUR and USD
  • Contactless Card
  • Technical support team
    Multilingual online technical support from our friendly customer services team
  • Easy payments to your partners or suppliers
  • ATM network
    Access cash via ATMs anywhere in the world
Quick & Easy Online Application!
  • 1
    Application form
    It takes just 2 minutes to complete our application form and open your ePayService account. Your login and password will be sent to you via email.
  • 2
    Account verification
    For account activation and approval customer documentation and verification is required.
  • 3
    Card shipment
    Your first ePayService Card will be automatically issued free of charge. Just choose your shipment service from our available carrier list and receive your card.
  • 1
    Log in!
    Log into your account online or on your mobile apps. Use your password to log into your account. Change your card settings or check your balances via web or mobile apps.
  • 2
    Activate your card
    Activate your card online and select or change PIN number. Please try not to forget your PIN.
  • 3
    Load your card
    Congratulations! Your card is active and ready to be used. Just charge your card from the web or mobile apps and enjoy it!

True Flexibility

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