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Personal IBAN for SEPA transfers

IBAN - account number in the international format for receiving and sending payments in EUR between 36 member countries of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). With this new ePayService option you get a complete intra-Eurozone payment solution for yourself and your business.
  • IBAN to yourself or your company
  • Low service charge for SEPA transfers
  • SEPA transfers are usually credited within 1 working day
SPECIAL OFFER: Until 29.12.2022 sending and receiving SEPA transfers through IBAN is free of charge for ePayService customers.*
(* - this offer is not applied to all customers. Contact Support team to check your service charge for SEPA)

Personal IBAN benefits are:

The sender and the receiver is yourself or your company
Just a few details are needed to create a SEPA payment: the payer only needs to know your IBAN and the BIC of our service
Short time to receive SEPA. No correspondent banks
SEPA transfers are made with no correspondent banks or other intermediaries, which ensures the payment will arrive fast, with no additional charges.
A number of IBAN accounts
You can get several IBANs in one account, for personal and business needs.

Save you time with ePayService!

Get your IBAN in 3 easy steps
  • 1
    Sign up: open a personal or s business account fast and easy
  • 2
    Get your details for SEPA transfers
  • 3
    Make a transfer. In most SEPA countries the funds are applied same day