ePayService is the best solution for incoming payments from your US based partners

ePayService: a simple way to process your checks

Over the years checks have remained a popular payment method in the US. Wide-networked US partnership programs and marketing agencies like Google AdSense and Amazon Associates remunerate their affiliates with checks. However, processing these checks can be an issue for those in Europe or Asia since banks often delay clearing foreign checks or charge an enormous commission.
ePayService can process your checks in 4 simple steps:
  • 1
    Register with ePayServices.com
  • 2
    Place an assignment signature on a check
  • 3
    Mail your check to one of our branches
  • 4
    Withdraw your cash using your ePayService card

Meet our partners

We accept checks issued by most major US companies and affiliate programs. Our technology allows our clients to process checks in USD quickly at a very competitive rate. ePayService payment system is unique in its market.


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    up to $5000.00

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    exceeding $5000.00

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