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Money Transfers from America as far as Asia

As a client with international needs we understand bank transfers are your preferred payment method. If you are a freelancer specialising in software development or online marketing, your clients are likely to need to pay you electronically and require bank details to pay you. ePayService is here to help you and your business.

US transfers

ACH & Direct Deposit are the most popular domestic bank transfer types in the US, as they offer the advantages of speed and reasonable commission charges. However, these transfer methods are geographically limited, requiring the participating accounts to be linked to American banks and, as a result, onerous when executing international transfer. ePayService gives you a way to get paid by ACH.
  • Funds cleared within 2 days
  • Payments from major US companies
  • Transfers covering all 50 states

Unique Market Offer

ACH & Direct Deposit fees
  • USD
    Inbound to your wallet with ePayService
    2% + 20 USD
  • USD
    Outbound to personal or corporate account with US bank
    0.5% + 25 USD

Global Money Transfers

Wire Transfer is probably the most common type of international transfer. Nowadays every IT company, advertising network and e-game developer offers you the option to make payments via wire transfers. ePayService makes this process easy and secure.
  • Money transfers in EUR, USD and other currencies
  • Inbound payments from companies worldwide
  • Incoming SEPA transfers from Europe clearing within 2 days
  • EUR only
    Inbound payments to your wallet with ePayService
    1%, min €25
  • EUR only
    Outbound to your personal bank account
  • EUR only
    Outbound to the corporate bank account
    0.5% + €40
  • USD
    Inbound payments to your wallet with ePayService
    3% + 50 USD

Transfers in local currencies

ePayService has the advantage of using a wide network of partnering banks so you can make fast transfers in local currency. Skip the hassle of having to deal with correspondent banks, save your time and money.
  • Payments in 50 different currencies
  • Express transfers in 1 business day
  • Make multiple payments at the same time

Real Flexibility

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